14 Facts About Barcelona


We all know that Barcelona is renowned for it’s amazing football club and stadium but did you know any of these other 14 facts we’ve found about the Spanish city. 

1. Every year the traditional building of Castells – Humans climbing on each to create the highest tower – takes place. The competition entails teams competing against each other to create the highest ‘Castell’. However, the teams are only successful if they manage to build and deconstruct their tower without any falls.

2. Barcelona should have been the original home to the Eiffel Tower. The Tower was never intended to be a permanent fixture, just like in France, but the radical design was thought to be unsightly for the city.


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3. Despite Spain being notorious for stray cats they are welcomed in
3. Despite Spain being notorious for stray cats, they are welcomed in Barcelona. The El Jardinet dels Gats is a haven for rescued cats, “a non-profit organisation dedicated to the care and protection of feral and abandoned cats”. The centre has a garden and cat-friendly playrooms that are run by volunteers, who often host events for other cat lovers.

4. You might love Barcelona for its long golden beaches but did you know these didn’t exist until 1992? To make the country look more appealing during the 1992 summer Olympics all of the factories and warehouses along the coastline were replaced with hotels, bars and beaches.

5. Staying on the topic of beaches, the southern end of the Mar Bella beach is most popular with nudists.

6. On April 23rd, the city celebrates Sant Jordi’s day which is a celebration of love and literacy. Similar to our valentines day, the man gives a rose to a woman as sign of love and in return, the woman gives a book as a sign for eternal love.

7. Camp Nou, FC Barcelona club’s home stadium is the 3rd largest in the world and biggest in Europe. The stadium has a total capacity of almost 100,000 people.

8. In Barcelona there are 12 abandoned stations between subway and commuter trains, all of which are supposedly haunted.

9. In Barcelona the drivers are considered the worst drivers in the world with an accident occurring every 19 seconds.

10. Despite the Flamenco being a very popular dance form in Spain, in Barcelona it’s fairly uncommon. Instead they prefer contemporary rock-n-roll.

11. After Barcelona introduced its anti-homophobia law in 2014 it has become one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in Europe.

12. Barcelona is one of the world’s major cities where smoking cannabis is legal. There is an estimated 700 cannabis clubs in the city, hence why it’s often referred to as “Holland of the South”.

13. In 2007 Barcelona opened Icebarcelona, the first beach ice bar in the world. You can find the bar on Barcelona’s El Somorrostro beach.

14. Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain and 4th on 2016’s ranking of Europe’s most visited cities, after London, Paris, and Istanbul. Plus, over 8.20 million international visitors per year (2016) visited the city making it the 12th most visited city in the world.

Think we’ve missed some? Feel free to let us know about any Barcelona facts you know about!

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