10 Steps To Booking Your Holiday


It’s official, summer is here! Time to get those shorts on and sunglasses out. 

There’s just one problem… you live in the UK, meaning the chances of your pale skin seeing any sunshine this summer is slim. You’re left with only one option, you have to book a holiday. To help you out a little we’ve created a step by step guide (with the help of some of our favourite GIFs) which we think sums up the whole experience of booking your holiday. 

Step 1

Here you are at step 1, you’ve made the decision to jet off somewhere nice on holiday. You should be proud of yourself!

Brilliant, Well done - Very Cheap Holidays

Step 2

Yep, you’re definitely going on holiday, it’s about time you treat yourself. Now you’ve just got to decide where on earth your going to go.

Booking - Very Cheap Holidays

Step 3

Think you need a little help? Give us a call or visit our website and we’ll help you book your holiday for the best price.

Help - Very Cheap Holidays

Step 4

Trying to sort out your suitcases, transfers and seat reservations might sound stressful but don’t panic, we’ve got your back.

stress - Very Cheap Holidays

Step 5

Celebrate, you’ve officially booked your holiday! 🎉


Celebrate - Very Cheap Holidays

Step 6

Panic! You’ve just looked in your wardrobe and realised you’ve got no summer clothes.

Nothing to wear - Very Cheap Holidays

Step 7

One word. Shopping.

Shopping - Very Cheap Holidays

Step 8

Whether you love or hate packing, our blog ‘Top 20 Holiday Essentials‘ will make sure you have packed everything you need for your holiday.

Packing - Very Cheap Holidays

Step 9

The time has come. You’ve checked in at the airport and boarded your plane, ready to take off to your holiday destination. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the flight.

Flying - Very Cheap Holidays

Step 10

Holiday time!

Holiday Minions - Very Cheap Holidays

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