Visiting Florida on a Budget


Home to large theme parks such as Walt Disney world or Legoland, Florida is often labelled as an ‘expensive’ family holiday – but this doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t always need to have a large budget to get the full Florida experience. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your holiday on a lower budget, you just need to think carefully about how you’re going to spend your money. 

Flights and Accommodation

Booking your holiday for during the school holidays is always guaranteed to make it a lot more expensive. Instead look to go during off peak times, often around May, early June, September and early October. Another factor is your airport. There is often a variation of prices depending on which airport you fly from, meaning it might save you more to travel a little further.

Finding accommodation is challenging enough without having to book it on a budget. Self-catered accommodations are often cheaper than all inclusive, plus you get to explore the local supermarkets making it a great budget holiday option.

Out and About in Florida

Not all of the attractions in Florida come at a high price. In fact there’re many attractions which are free or have a very low entry price to keep your holiday costs down. We have included some of our personal favourites below!

Angell & Phelps Chocolate Tours

Angell & Phelps is a chocolate factory, located in the downtown district of Daytona Beach, that’s been crafting fine quality chocolates since 1925. Visitors to the factory are able to take part in a free tour which takes place at various times of the day between Monday – Saturday. On the tour you get to view experienced chocolate makers doing things the old fashioned way, as well as sampling free chocolates.

Disney Springs

Originally called Disney Downtown, Disney Springs is a themed retail, dining and entertainment centre inspired by Florida’s charming waterfront towns, historic architecture and natural beauty. Despite being part of Walt Disney World, the Disney town is free for the public to explore.


Friends of the Bandshell at Daytona Beach

Looking for something to liven up your evening? We have the answer. Pay a visit to the 4,000-seat non-profit Friends of the Bandshell at Daytona Beach. The show hosts bands playing everything from country to classical all for free on the popular beach of Daytona. To view the shows schedule click here.

Kelly Park, Rock Springs

In this 245-acre park, you can take a dip in the natural spring, hike, camp, or go looking for wildlife. Admission isn’t quite free, but it’s only $3 for a vehicle of one to two people; $5 per vehicle of three to eight people.

Before you go on holiday it’s worth doing your research to find free activities to take part in while there. Planning ahead can save you a surprising amount, whether it’s finding a free festival or receiving a discount for pre-booking. Every little helps!

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Image sources – Rain0975 Chad Sparkes