Travelling with Friends (Without the Stress!)

Travelling with Friends

Going on holiday with all your friends? Big group holidays are often the best holidays to go on, however they can also be the most stressful! With so many different opinions it can sometimes be hard to keep everyone happy all the time. But don’t worry, just follow our simple steps to help keep the stress levels to a minimum. 

Who are you travelling with? 

Before you start making plans to book a group holiday with your friends, ask yourself one question; will you all be able to get along whilst on holiday? Travelling in groups can test some of the very best friendships, meaning if there’s tensions within the group before you go, you can guarantee it won’t get any better.


Deciding on the holiday budget is probably one of the trickiest parts of booking your group holiday. Everyone will have a different price range in their head depending on what they know they can afford. Be willing to be flexible when making this decision, there’s nothing worse then having people pressurised in to something they can’t afford.

Friendship Group - Very Cheap Holidays


Following on from our ‘Budget’ tip made above, you will also need to decide what travel and accommodation options suit you all. You may find you have one person who’s happy to stay in a hostel, and another who usually stays in nothing less then a 5 star all inclusive hotel. Get together to discuss what arrangements you would all be happy with and try to find the middle ground.


Planning what you’re going to do before you go on holiday can be a great idea, but don’t make the mistake of over planning. Some of the best holiday memories are made from spontaneous outings whilst exploring your destination.

If everyone writes down one thing they want to do, you can start to plan your holiday making sure you keep everyone happy. Remember, you don’t have to do everything as one big group. It’s perfectly normal to split in to smaller groups if some want to stay by the pool but others want to visit the local town. In fact, this makes great conversation when you all meet back together to share what you’ve been up to.

Planning a Holiday


One idea for handling money is to create a group kitty. If everyone puts in £50, £100 or whatever you decide, you’ll be able to use that money to pay for all for group activities or meals you and your friends do all together. This makes it a lot easier than collecting the correct money off each individual.

Communication is Essential

Possibly one of the most important factors for a successful holiday with your friends is communication. Always make sure you can talk to each other, that way, if there is any niggling issues you can sort them out before the escalate in to something bigger.

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