48 Hours in Barcelona


Barcelona is possibly one of the most visited European cities, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Glorious sunshine, golden beaches, plus plenty of architecture to explore making Barcelona a perfect package for British holiday makers.

Getting around

Before we jetted off on our holiday we found the Barcelona travel card online for a cost of just €14.50. The travel card gives you unlimited public transport for your entire holiday, all at one small price to pay beforehand. Having the freedom to hop on and off a bus whenever we wanted took away a lot of money worries – plus it meant we didn’t have to keep carrying lose bus fare change!



Our first stop was to the very popular Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, the monumental Roman Catholic church devoted to the Holy Family. Despite being started in 1882, the church which is built entirely from donations, is still in construction. Tourists can pay to visit inside this stunning church.

A trip to Barcelona Zoo for the afternoon was next on the list. Home to more than 2,000 animals plus 1,300 different trees, plants and flowers, the Zoo is a must see.



Like many other tourists we headed out for drinks once the had sun set, unlike many other tourists we did this in sub-zero temperatures. Icebarcelona was the first ice bar to ever open in 2007 and has been very popular with tourists ever since. Each session give you 45 minutes to chillax in the ice bar with a large selection of cocktails to choose from.

Ice Bar

Sightseeing Pt 2

The next day was all about football. Whether it’s something you’re interested in or not, Camp Nou, the Barcelona football ground, is a must see. The stadium is the 3rd largest in the world and a tour around will only cost you around £21. For a little bit of relaxation, Barcelona is located on the coast with miles of beaches all along the north. But. 


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