Which Board Basis Is Best For You?


Choosing the best board basis for your family holiday can possibly be one of the hardest decisions you will make when booking a holiday. Each board basis appeals to different families, depending on what they prefer when on holiday. For example, some love the stress-free all inclusive packages for the unlimited food and drink available, whereas others like to explore local markets and cook for themselves on a self catering holiday. 

In this blog we’ve compared the top five board options to help you decide which one is most suited for your holiday.


An all inclusive holiday package will include your meals, drinks and often snacks in the final total cost of your holiday. This saves you from taking a large amount of spending money, plus you can eat as much or as little as you want for one pre paid price!

Some all inclusive packages also include entertainment activities to take part in whilst in the resort, perfect for young families.

Pro’s: By choosing to go all inclusive you are able to pay for your everything before you go, leaving you with no unexpected costs whilst on holiday. You also don’t have to worry about taking a large amount of spending money.

Con’s: Going all inclusive can sometimes feel like you are constantly tied to the resort, meaning you don’t get the chance to explore some of the local restaurants. The hotel food may also become a little repetitive making it less appealing.

All Inclusive - Very Cheap Holidays

Self Catering is exactly what it says on the tin. Your hotel will provide your room and you provide your food. Self catering is great for those who love to explore or prefer to experiment with different food from local markets or restaurants. Most self catering accommodations include kitchens, allowing you to easily cook your own meals.

Pro’s: If you like to be in full control of your food and drink, then self catering will probably be the option for you.

Con’s: By choosing self catering you will have to bring extra spending money to pay for your food while on holiday.


Full board is very similar to all inclusive however it’s just your breakfast, lunch and evening meal which is provided. If you would like extra snacks or drinks these will have to be bought separately. Full board is great if you know your going to spend a lot of time in your hotel.

Pro’s: Full board means you have 3 guaranteed meals a day, so you don’t have to go find a local restaurant or cafe to eat.

Con’s: Much like all inclusive, full board can often make you feel tied to the hotel so that you make the most of the meals you’ve paid for, limiting the amount of exploring you can do.

Half Board - Very Cheap Holidays


On a half board holiday you will be catered with breakfast every morning and a cooked evening meal, giving you the freedom to buy your drinks, snacks and lunch where and whenever you want.

Pro’s: Half board is great if you like to leave the hotel and go exploring during the day, whilst still having the security of a hot meal when you get back to your hotel.

Con’s: Since a half board holiday doesn’t include lunch, you will have to leave the hotel everyday to find something to eat.


Again, there’s no hidden surprises with bed & breakfast. The hotel will provide your room and a breakfast, but you will have to either cook or visit locals restaurants and cafes for your other meals.

Pro’s: Bed & Breakfast is a great choice for people who are travelling around a lot. It’s common for travellers to spend one or two nights in a bed & breakfast before moving on to the next.

Con’s: Similar to self catering, you will have to take a larger amount of spending money to cover your lunch and evening meal.

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