People you’re guaranteed to meet on holiday

Silhouette of young family with luggage walking at airport, girl sho

Wherever your favourite holiday is, there’s always the same type of people you’re guaranteed to meet whether you want to or not. How many of the people below do you find on holiday? Or even worse, which type are you! 

The one who peaked too soon


The over excited holiday representative

You could never quite understand how he was so happy ALL of the time.

Over excited Rep

The ‘Perfect’ Family

Don’t be surprised if they start singing songs around a campfire.

Perfect Family

The far from ‘perfect’ Family

You’ll probably find this family trying to kill each other.


The teen who clearly doesn’t want to be there


The ‘our first holiday’ couple


The one who always overindulges on the all inclusive

all you can eat

The early riser

Always there to secure the best sunbed!

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